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Welcome to Fridu.org

What's Fridu ?

Fridu.org is Fulup & Dominig's technology playground. It mostly contains tips and faq on recent technologies that we've been playing with. Anything we write on Fridu is done outside of our professional work context and none of our current or past employers and customers have participated or even been consulted about its content. Fridu is 100% part of our free time, and everything including hosting is funded out of our pocket money and used exclusively to support friends and non-profit organisations.

What's does Fridu mean?

Fridu is the composition of two Breton worlds "Fri" for "nose" and "Du" for black. Fridu which translates in "BlackNose" is a typical name for a dog, as many Breton dogs have a black nose.

Whose dog is Fridu then?

Fridu was Fulup's daughter teddy dog. Fridu disappeared more than 10 years ago when she was still a nice little girl. While she had some suspicion on who the criminal could be, nothing was ever proved.